Hero summons matching

Event hero summons should only be for those heroes in the event. The same should be for season 2.
We can get those junk 3* anytime, the point of event heroes is the reason for the pulls.

How can i get that hero??

If you pull Avalon then nothing but Avalon heroes should be there not prisca, bane, greymane. Just Avalon heroes.

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I’ve seen this compliant many times. While I agree it’s frustrating to see Prisca once again, the problem with this is - how many event heroes are there?

For example, the Christmas event has 4 event-specific heroes. Since the odds are better to receive 3* heroes, you could easily end up with an entire herd of Rudolph’s and still no 5* event hero. Doing a 10-pull with a pool of only 4 heroes doesn’t make much sense.

I do wish they would change the odds to be a little more in favor of the event heroes. They’re already a little different I believe, but a little more in our favor would be lovely :relaxed:


I now want a herd of reindeer!! :rofl:


Single pulls only. Problem solved.

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