Hero summons improvements

I have a suggestion,

I’m a little bit fed up of constantly pulling 3* hero’s with the summons.
I know it’s random and fully accept that but it massively disappointing to reserve only 4 4* hero’s out of the 30 you get!
At the bottom where you have one summon
Or 10 summon
Can you think about introducing a 5 summon which would guarantee at least three 4* or higher hero? I can speak for others but I’d be willing to pay 2000💎 for the guarantee of 4/5* hero’s.

I also would like you to consider those who get two free daily summons, due to having the VIP pass have one of those as an event summon during special events.

Thanks for listening to my suggestions :relaxed:

I did the math on a similar idea awhile back, it would be be something like this.

91% 4*, 9% 5*, 4.5% Hotm.

1 summons = 1000 gems
10 summons = 9000 gems

Not as cheap as your 5 summons = 2000 gems you ask too much, mine gives similar odds to existing but just eliminates the 3*.

Would you pay for that convenience?

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Yes I properly would if I wanted more 4/5* hero’s.