Hero summons broken


I just summoned 25 heros from the special summons. I couldn’t get even 1 special hero from 25 pulls?! I’m sorry but that is ridiculous, you pay near $100 real money on “special” summons pulls and get Nothing special. I think that is unacceptable and needs to change. I am left feeling ripped off. This is not the 1st time it has happened.


Just made 30 pulls with no event heros…that is the nature of the game.


this is pretty common…game is a gamble. sucks it happened to you but so far i haven’t seen anything done to ease tensions for players like yourself


This is not a bug and shouldn’t be in Bugs & Issues category. Hero Summons are a gamble, the chances of getting each type of hero are listed in the summon window. No one is lying or promising you anything, each summon has a chance at 4* hero, 5* hero and HOTM hero. It’s always been that way, we just recently gotten clear chances stated.

Yes, it is frustrating to spend a lot of money and getting crap. But this is just the nature of the hero summons. You can do one pull and get a 5* hero + hero of the month and you can do 100 pulls and only get crap. This happens.


I went to the bingo hall last night and didn’t get a single bingo!!! Rigged! talking to the gaming commission.


When so many players think they’ll get good heroes and then they don’t, it’s not the fault of the players. It’s the game that’s lying.
And then a few other players need to show how smart they are by pointing to the small print.