Hero summon


I’m tired of just getting 3 star heroes when I use gems to summon!!!


No end of material in these forums about this subject… and for good reason.

I’m tired of it too. I had a nice run of 4* (with 1 5*) after a period of spend… but as a result, my team is now strong. The result is I have no more incentive to buy gems. Most of them will continue to give me 3* (which is just annoying), and the rest is unlikely to give me any uplift. So where’s the value for my spend?

I’ve raised other ideas on these forums for alternatives that would continue to deliver value for money spent (2 main ones being Shards and a resetting league option), but combination of lack of player support and lack of Dev time to implement (Small Giant are more on the small side than the Giant side) means they’re unlikely to get a look in.

So it really comes down to playing for the love of the game and the occasional interesting event from this point. Hopes of significantly improving the team are slim… which is a pity.

(I hold a slim hope of having T20 camps to be a future source of 5*, but I’m facing weeks / months to get there).

May well park this game for a few months and come back… but unfortunately now saddled with an Alliance I need to run. (Obligations. sigh) Maybe Alliance wars will make that interesting… dunno.

Doubt if this has helped… but nice to vent the spleen every now and again in any event.


Gems really are chances to accelerate your game progress, nothing more or less really. At the beginning, they are great to get better heroes as even a 3* is useful early on. Once you get to TC 13, you will make enough 3* to make your eyes bleed. Then maybe they are best spent on speeding up the quest to get to TC20 for those 5*. Now you have all those heroes and no ascension items, maybe it’s time to buy the ascension packs to get them leveled up.

The cycle repeats simply based on what you need most. I have had a strong enough team that the gems were best spent on cheating time towards SH 20 and now TC20. Once I hopefully get some new 4 and 5* (TC13 has been unkind to me) I know I will want a chance at those ascension items.