Hero stuck!?!

My Elena has been stuck at L60/A2 for months, and I do mean months! I need fine gloves and 2 hidden blades. Haven’t seen any of either?

I don’t get it. Anyone else find themselves with heroes unable to ascend due to not getting required materials?

What do I do? Suggestions?

Keep farming. Fill your chests as quickly as possible, do your Mystic Vision every day, fight the toughest titans you can, and be patient. Work on your 4* while you wait.

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Thanks! I’ve been pretty consistent with those tasks. I am only getting 2* Titans though. I’ve filled the Titan chests a few times over. Not sure how that works, in terms of getting higher ranked Titans.

I’ve come to understand patience in this game is a must. Just wish that Ascension items were being made more available. It’s extremely frustrating to have heroes stuck for so long.

Virtually everyone in the game with 4 and 5 star heroes will be stuck at some point unless they are blessed with the ascension materials thru normal means early and/or they were blessed when they bought the ascension/trainer packs in the shop even before needing them.

Drops and items bought in the shop are all random. Some special offers that pop up once in a while give specific ascension materials.

As for the advice:

  1. Finish monster quests as soon as they come out
  2. Do the same with hero quests
  3. Do the same with elemental chests
  4. Get A or A+ Rating on 6* titans and above
  5. Complete the special quests that come out like every 10 days (e.g. Shiloh, Farholme)
  6. Complete the different tiers in the Events like Avalon

Tip: You don’t need 5* heroes to do all these things. A well oiled team of 4* heroes can do the job.

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How many chests are you opening everyday? If you’re after ascensions mats you should use a few gems to speed chests up. Try to open at least 7 chests every 2 days (4 monsters and 3 raid chests) so you may receive elemental chests more often. These colored chests give you ascension material for sure, just hope to get the ones you are after.
Other thing is the rare quest, in your case, Farholme Pass for gloves and Mount Umber for blades. Make sure you have a team that can finish at least the 4th round which give these 3* ascension materials.

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Perhaps it’s my bad luck, but for the past two months monster chests didn’t bring me anything worthy even though I sped up them with gems.

I’m not accelerating the chests but do battle every day. Will keep on battling.

Is your alliance really new, really small, or just inactive? I have a training alliance and we are taking down 4* consistently. Had a 5* pop up a couple days ago, but we couldn’t quite take it down. Another couple weeks and we will

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Fairly new but just grew from 3 to 21 in the past 3 weeks. As a crew, we take almost every titan that spawns.

As far as I understood the logic of the game, you have to kill three Titans of the same level in a row, then the forth one will come of a higher level.

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That’s generally the case

To be consistently getting “decent” Titan loot, you want to be killing 7* and higher (we’re killing 9* and our folk regularly get goodies, though not all the same folk all the time).

I’d keep eye peeled for Rare Quests if you’re strong enough to finish them and walk away with two guaranteed ascension materials right there.

If you drop cups, be sure to fill your hero/Raid Wanted chest.

Good luck!!

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