Hero storylines

As the title suggests, I thought of the possibility of adding a biography or even a short story for each hero. I thought of several considerations to doing this and will state a few reasons for this and some suggestion on how it can improve aesthetics and even influence gameplay. :slight_smile:

Why is there a need for hero stories?
Currently, whenever we receive a new hero from the training camp, an epic hero token or from gem rolls, it seems a little arbitrary even though the Atlantis, monthly events and featured hero of the month do influence this a little.

Having a hero story/backstory gives a better perspective and flavour for the roster of heroes one has and could even influence team composition slightly or who to level up next.

Where can they be added?
Like I saw in an earlier post, the full image portraits of heroes are used only in one place and not featured anywhere else. To perhaps ensure more interaction, hero backstories could be featured in a scroll down column beneath the hero portraits.

Gameplay? What other gameplay implications could there be?
While I have not thought through all the balance and meta consequences for this suggestion just yet, a few ideas I had were adding a playable hero storyline much like the current quests. For an added layer of challenge and intrigue, the next step or stage in a quest could only be unlocked via playing through a specific stage based on the storyline content.

The rewards of course will be commensurate on difficulty or in some cases, obscurity of the requirements. It could even be randomised somewhat in certain elements.

If any devs happen to pop by and see this thread, I would be more happy to contribute some sample stories and examples of what I mentioned. What do you guys think? Feel free to jump in and play devil’s advocate or even suggest ideas for specific heroes.

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