Hero stats not the same in & out of battle

Hi there… I’ve tried to search for an answer to this question, but am finding nothing on this forum, nor on google in general.

I look at my heroes stats in the Roster screen, and see one set of totals, but when I enter a map stage to start combat, and look at my character stats there… most of the stats have gone up without a reason. There are no buffs yet, I chose two heroes that don’t have a costume for this example… and can’t for the life of me, figure out why some of the stats are higher, and why others stay the same. I will use my Telluria & Poseidon as examples:

You can clearly see all of Telluria’s stats… attack, defense, and health… all go up in battle before the first gems are matched, no buffs, etc.

Poseidon’s stats though are mixed… his health stays the same, his defense goes up a bit, but his attack gets a massive boost.

Is there something with the classes that get different % boosts in combat that I’m not seeing? All my heroes are like this. Even the costumes ones appear to be getting boosts that are above and beyond the costume bonuses that are built in to the stats in the Roster.

It’s your assigned troops. They boost the base stats.


DOH… I forgot about the troops. The fact that Poseidon’s health stays the same threw me, but I just looked, and yeah the 4* troop I have for Holy has no health boost.


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