Hero stat cards


It works be nice if the hero cards rotate… your hero info on 1 side… top level of that hero on the other, so we don’t have to spend hours searching the hero to find top stats… would you do that? Might get you brownie points with the gamers.


I was proposing a similar idea: Hero stats preview


I emailed support directly for this. It is silly not to have the fully-leveled stats so hard to find. A simple tap on the hero screen could show the maxed stats and then tap it again to go back to where the hero is currently leveled. Shouldn’t be that hard to implement either.


It seems to be the goal in this game to make things as difficult as possible. I’ve been playing another very similar game recently, and the many things we’ve asked for here are already there… So either this group of developers don’t know how to do these things, or as I stated before, it’s their desire not to.


What game would that be?