Hero stacking against titans nerfed?

Has anyone else noticed a pretty significant reduction in the damage you’re inflicting with stacked heroes against titans? Ever since the update, I have seen at least an 8,000-10,000 point reduction per attack damage against the same titans I’ve battled with the same teams, prior to the update.

Normally I’d write this off as random. But this has been literally every single attack against every single titan since the update, and none of these are new titans or new teams. A couple of low scoring rounds would seem normal. Maybe even a relatively low run against one specific titan. But low across the board against every titan battled since the update? Sure, it’s not a huge statistical number, but my entire alliance is complaining about dealing much lower than normal damage.

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my damage hasn’t changed across 8 titan hits on 2 accounts.

Yesterday I bested my top titan score by 15k, by stacking four green and a blue against a 6* primal lizard. So, no problem here.

Yes, and the only way I have ever been able to beat the much stronger teams I get paired with constantly during raids is a color stack, now I never can beat them, I am lately dying before ever getting a single special off. The other day I stacked purple and had 10 purple jewels total appear on the board.

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Counterpoint. I color stacked 4-1 against my last titan and got 2 of the best titan scores I’ve ever had. And the “1” was actually the weak color (Miki with 4 reds vs. a green titan).

Also did a bit of color stacking in the last war and got a pretty nice overall score in spite of the boards not cooperating.

Stacking is always a risk and sometimes it doesn’t work, but overall it still seems to work better than rainbow. Bad boards will screw you no matter what heroes you bring.


Happy for you. Not the case for me.

Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to brag or rub it in or anything. I’ve had it happen to me several times when I went in with all X color and every tile on the board was color Y, and I get an awful score. Some days it just seems like the boards hate you and they’re intentionally giving you the worst possible colors on purpose.

What I was trying to say is that RNG can be brutal like that, but it can also be brutal even if you go with a rainbow setup. If you try again later, your luck can do a complete 180.

Raids? I hate raids, mostly because of the randomness of the boards. Some days I can’t win a damn raid to save my life, no matter what heroes I bring. Then later my luck can change. That’s all I’m saying. You could be having a ■■■■■■ RNG streak. But at least when it comes to raids, once you lose enough trophies, you’ll eventually get matched against teams that you can easily beat.

When it comes to this game, there are several different factors that can help you be successful. Lots of money can buy you some good heroes. Lots of luck can get you good boards, good loot and good heroes. A strategic mind can help you manipulate your teams and the boards themselves. But there are also two other qualities that can be even more helpful than even the previous three combined: patience and/or stubbornness. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that everything is always going to be wine and roses, but if you’re patient or stubborn enough, you will eventually start winning raids again.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to test this out. Just go in stacked purple & see how very few purples you get. Then next round, change your heroes to say red or yellow & watch the purples roll in like locusts.

Then you’ve got your so called “independent” players defending SG for nearly everything without question.

İt’s Rng… it’s Rng, look into my eyes… ıt’s Rng.

They are algorithms, codes, written by programmers, paid by developers AND INVESTORS, to milk as much ¥€$ as they can. They are not interested in your entertainment.

Zero2Hero, you’ve been complaining about this game for the best part of two years. Have you considered a different hobby?

I have tested it. Repeatedly. And yeah, a lot of the time it does seem like the boards are against me and whatever color I decided to stack. But not every single time. Occasionally my boards are beautiful. I haven’t done the math, but I’m guessing somewhere around 20% of the time, I get good results when I mono color stack… which means that it mostly sucks 80% of the time so of course it seems like it’s always bad, if it’s bad 8 times out of 10… but then there are 5 different colors, so if you’re hoping for an abundance of 1/5, that’s probably only going to happen 20% of the time… :thinking:

Not saying I like RNG or that I think it’s always fair or anything like that. But if color stacking didn’t work at least some of the time, I don’t think most people would still be doing it.

Maybe you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, but you do have to actually test it instead of relying on memory and anecdotal evidence.

All properly performed statistical tests have come to the same conclusion – no bias in how the gems appear.

If you honestly think it’s all range you aren’t giving the programmers enough credit.

Sure every once in a while it might go your way but the majority of the time nope.

Whether it’s raiding and the centre path is loaded with your missing colour, heroes being constantly left with a few hp, withdrawing of resources when the alchemy lab was announced.

It’s all very convenient to call it range it isn’t.

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I hit a 12* Red titan the demon looking one for 199k just 2 weeks ago, haven’t been over 100k since but that’s just luck

Can’t comment on the missing resources, loot tables and hero pull rates and such don’t use the same calculations as boards. Most of my loot has been terrible and the vast majority of my hero pulls (including TC20s) have been 3* feeders. I’ll agree that those are bad.

But to the original point… color stacking on boards still works often enough to be a preferred strategy used by the majority of players. Has been working for me on titans and my last 3 wars, in spite of the fact that I got a few majorly bad (seemingly rigged) boards - half the time I’m still able to salvage the initial board itself, the other half of the time I get a really bad score (and make up for it on one of the subsequent hits). :man_shrugging: