Hero Spotlight: Aegir / Tarlak [VID]

Aegir is no good. Or is he ?

Aegir / Tarlak / Triton combo

Blue monochrome with Aegir


Wouldn’t it be better to flank him with the 4*'s to protect them with the spirit link?

ok good raids. but what the hell!!! that boards are awesome!!! i never see that!!! OMG
if i go with monocolor i die ever. :joy::joy::joy:

Yes, you’re right… You probably want to swap your two wings in this case… I just threw the team together on the fly to do some hero testing… I’m still not sure what my final ice mono team will be or in what order… I’ll share a couple of more vids with different configurations… But case in point, Aegir’s special is awesome on offense, but it’s way too few turns. I still think they need to change him to fast mana or change his special to 4-5 turns to make him desirable to the masses…

U gotta work for your diamonds sometimes… The game will follow certain patterns from time to time and give you the tiles where you need them to make the diamonds. That first vid was pretty text book, the first move setup the green diamond (to charge Tarlak) which as soon as that was burst it setup the red and the red setup the blue… That raid was over as soon as the first green diamond was created… Sometimes it works out, other times the tiles never fall “where they should” and all I can do is watch my heroes get picked apart, lol…

Cool clips but I need to point out that Aegir didn’t make a hint of difference in any of those 3 raids. Sure he soaked some damage, but it deadn’t change the tide in any meaningful way.

It wasn’t my intention to do an in-depth analysis on Aegir showing his pros and cons. These are nothing more than raids with him showcasing his special and potential synergy with other heroes…

Whether he’s able to change the tide or not is irrelevant to the purpose of this post and I have no interest in selling him to anyone for that matter…

I happen to like him and maxed him because I can and find tremendous joy in raiding with new heroes… It’s up to you to decide if he’s a hero you need/want or not…

Furthermore, the damage he absorbed might’ve finished some of the squishy heroes around him but they survived and was able to continue the raid because of the shared damage. One could deduce many other things by analyzing the videos in detail further, but again, that’s not my intention…

I wouldn’t max him if you get him, you wouldn’t know what to do with him…

I completely get what you were going for. I feel that everyone knows those raids would have been won with or without Aegir. I’m also interested in seeing his interaction with other heroes. That Triton interaction is pretty cool. I would have liked to see the Tarlak Aegir interaction more but the specials don’t look like they lined up in time.

Here’s something interesting I was wondering about, have you tried Tarlak, Aegir and rainbow team to see how viable it is? Or Tarlak Aegir as 2-2-1 or 3-2 I’m interested in seeing how much healing the tiles do.

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Aegir isn’t a bad hero and he will be a quality platinum level defense tank however I think they needed to make his tile heal undispellable if they wanted him to be a strong defense tank for higher levels. Dispelling is just way to common for him To be viable as a defensive tank.

However the short duration does make aegir manageable for players who don’t use a dispeller as well.

There is a happy medium there for aegir and I think this would have been making the tile heal portion of his buff undispellable. This could still be countered by the numerous heal reducing/siphon hero’s but otherwise would have added another layer to aegir to make him a quality defensive tank.

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I doubt the tile healing would be significant. But you’ve peaked my interest and i’m game to try it. I’ll come back and show when I get a chance…

He absolutely isn’ta bad hero. What’s best, I keep talking about him having an excellent platform to rally great new tank. Indispensable special along with an increase in turns would be an awesome fix for starters… I’m holding on to him in hopes he gets bumped up…

I think if his shared health buff and tile heal and nature buff was unremoveable he’d be broken. The shared health especially can cause issues when paired with other hero’s. Especially if they made it a longer duration.

His elemental link is unremoveable and provides him with a minor heal over time. The tile healing portion if unremoveable along with his high defense and high health could make him more viable on higher rankings without being to strong and this change could make the short duration reasonable.

I realize the tile heal is luck based on tiles however it’s also increasable with atk buffs. So it could be much stronger if paired with an atk boosting hero. I really do think aegir is a great platform however he is still missing that one change to be great.

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Honestly i don’t know if Aegir is good or not compared to my other five stars but i sure like having him coz he’s my first and only blue five star. I’ve been ascending him all i can but it’s dang slow process.

Earlier Aegir, who was shown in s2 preview/reaction vid on youtube, was ultimate… With those attributes he would have been immortal and new undisputable champion of tanks, but of course they nerfed him coz why should this game have another guinevere?

My opinion is that he should be more powerful and this “reign of guinevere” should already reach it’s end. Why game developers are affraid to to make new game changer? Just do it for gods sake :slight_smile:

And why are they circulating old charracter designs? Can’t they just draw new ones? There are many heroes that are used in many ocasions. Like Aegir and Khiona. Both of them can be found in the s1 provinces. Jill and Aife are exactly the same face with different hair and costume.

To the hero graphic designer Back to the future- movie principal Strickland would say: “You are a slacker!”

I would have to assume art and animation Is by far the most time consuming and expensive part of development. I’m ok with the occasional reused asset especially of it’s decent. We just got about 50+ new hero assets plus mores coming in Halloween and more that hasn’t been unlocked in Atlantis.

I like aegir look and I’m done farming season 1 so I will rarely have to see him again outside of the swarm of players will be using him the next 2 months.

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