Hero spend for ascension materials

Hello everyone, since the beginning of my time joining the empires and puzzles forums i have seen this topic going around about summoning and training duplicate legendary heroes. People have suggested ways to trade them or retrain them and thus the hero academy was created. I still feel like the very resource-expensive way of retraining legendary heroes for 95% chance of getting another s1 hero isn’t very tempting. I present to you an idea to make use of them in a different way.

There could be an added level of the alchemy lab where we can spend a hero to acquire ascension materials. 4 star heroes would give 3 star ascension materials whereas 5 star heroes would give 4 star ascension materials according to their elements.
If you spend sonya, for exemple, you would get fine gloves and/or compass and/or warm capes
If you spend marjana, you would get mystic rings and/or tome of tactics and/or damascus blades.

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With trading a 5* hero for said 4* mat it prob be rings then a tome or D. Blade.
They need to fix HA seriously get S1 hero’s out of there is the main issue imo.
People have paid there dues to get Sh25 and max the HA. 300 recuits what ever ham it is and a week to wait. Why with the percentage of getting a s1 hero so high you might aswell run a tc20 :woman_shrugging:.

It wouldnt break the game if they got rid off season 1 hero’s from it it be more f2p and c2p friendly as you definitely going to get something new.

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I had similar thought. But in order to keep it in SGs favore, have it set up like this:

1 x 5* Red = Rings
1 x 5* Purple = Tab
1 x 5* Green = Tonic
1 x 5* Blue = Scope
1 x 5* Yellow = Darts

1 of each color = Dblade or Tome.

… Honestly I do not EVER see them taking the S1 heros out of the Hero Academy. It would defeat the whole purpose of having the various draw portals and would make the better heros far too common (which is already an issue in the higher tiers of P2P where everyone is using the similar defenses throughout top 100).

BUT exchanging duplicates for mats, would allow people to keep leveling up the new heros they are drawing without having that huge bench of unleveled duplicates.

AND people tend to draw more if they have the mats to level the heros they are drawing (IE: I need Jabberwock, but I’m not going to heavy draw for him when I have only 2 tabbards and like 5 other 5* Purples I could work on, plus dupes…)

But as far as HA10 and people having paid their dues and basically getting to trade in duplicates for “gimmie” event heros… Never going to happen… what’s more, it SHOULDN’T HAPPEN!!!

Time for a more reasonable ask…

And I think a mats trade is the reasonable ask


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