Hero speed & troop mana gain increase

Did not find in depth discussion about hero speeds in combat or 4* troops with stat “Increases the speed of mana recovery”

As we know, there are three different hero speeds. See below how they behave in attacking in raids or monsters. This is how I have observed them, correct me if I am wrong.

Fast - 8 tiles hit to fill mana (4 tiles “missed” - tiles go through the board)

Average - 10 tiles hit to fill mana (5 tiles missed)

Slow - 12 tiles hit to fill mana (6 tiles missed)

4* troops at lvl 30 increase the mana speed by 9%. According to my calculations, only heroes with slow speed benefit from this increase ( 11 tiles hit to fill up mana). But this is only attack side. I have not observed the heroes speed in defence close enough.

Any toughts or real data about hero speeds?


Mana increasing troops have been buffed since this was posted—I think around level 15 they increase mana by 11%, but this is still negligible.

It’d be nice if they could be buffed again to make them as valuable as their critical-increasing counterparts.

As things stand, you’ve gotta put six or ten months of work into leveling up mana-increasing troops before mana production is effected at all.

I may be wrong but when using Kiril who’s Average and Triton who’s Fast. I haven’t tracked how many to fill but I do know for sure that with triton full, I only need 1 tile hit to fill Kiril. Now it may be that I’ve used 9 thus filling Triton and then Kiril would only need 1. I will try to check total to see but just wanted to add this.

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