Hero specials sporadically do nothing

I thought it was just me until another alliance member mentioned the same issue. Checking enemy and they have no buffs.

Do you mean Omega quest?
If so, yes enemy is protected from status ailments.


No sure, you need to be more specific where, what is going on and who is firing to whom, too little information that it is hard to help


Sorry, I see it in raids more than anywhere else.

Are you facing teams with either a “taunt” black Knight, krampus, QoH
Or “dodge” costume kadalin inirai or costume littlejohn…

Or facing Monk, which it can be whitestand from status ailments.

Or G Gazelle. She blocks all status effects as well.

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I think what would help the most are either screenshots or videos so we can see what’s happening.

Sorry buddy, we need more information, screen shots, heroes names situation without it it is a lot of guessing

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This post reminds me of the time I took Carol on attack in an equalizer war. Never thought worthless could get more worthless.

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Actually, not looking for a bug but more of have you noticed anything. It is a simple question.

It’s not a simple question, as you have to put context to it. Was it Jean-Francois hit with Malosi so his special does nothing? Was it hitting a cleric with a mana controller type hero and they block?

There’s lots of times that hero’s specials can be negated, due to other specials, or talents and none of it is out of the ordinary. If you want an actual answer, you have to give the exact condition that you’re talking about.

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I will have to track it. I don’t have much time so it could take a while.

It is more along the line, something seems off.

Similar to the argument that tiles are not random and both sides trying to prove their point. Yet they seem off.

If time permits, I will submit a bug if I can duplicate it.

Apparently Vella has Mana shield in the raid. Second hand information.

Again, need more specific details. Is it because she is immune to Lady of the Lake’s minions’ mana cut? She is immune to all minion effects. Or did she resist Leonidas mana cut? Two different situations. Or was Proteus firing while blinded and missing Vela? Or was Baldur’s special active which prevents mana cut to all allied heroes? Like I said, lots of possibilities if you can’t provide the basic details of the full attack and defense team and what was the exact action that was taken, you aren’t going to get much help here.


Is Baldur there with Vela?

No, I have never experienced this.


Then my answer is: No


I have
I find elradir especially buggy

Kingston (defence) casts special on my elradir (offence). (I cant remember if his reflect DOT is up). Animation is buggy and my elradir doesnt take damage.

Alot of other scenarios that i cant remember, elradir either doesnt take direct damage or doesnt receive status ailment

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Elradir is immune to stafus ailment that prevent casting of special.

Do you use minion summoner or accuracy ailment?