Hero special's (SKADI,BAI YEONG)

Recently in raids i seen SKADI fired her special but i didnt received his frost damage over time similar with bai yeong twice he fired his special and my all heroa received -accuracy curse!!! Is that only me who noticed tjis glitch or anyonelse… Let me know in comments

I’m not sure how to address the accuracy issue, but Skadi only adds stuck if a hero or minion is killed via her special skill.

  1. Possibly an enemy had fenrir that had low hitpoints, therefore his family bonus gabe all of of your heroes an accuracy debuff.

  2. Maybe an enemy myztero was hit by any of your accuracy debuffers (joon, neith, justice) and fired this effect on all of your heroes

Those would be two options that can easily be missed as thats not very likely to happen

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No guys this is a absolute normal situation where no odds were on the board (no mysterious hero no accuracy debuff etc) but still those hero acted abnormal!..Ex bai hit only 1 and give -75 accuracy and -heal, but i seen he hit all i addressed this issue coz its unusual so thought to let everyone know

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