Hero specials should still fire off when attacking a titan and time runs out

It’s so unfair when our heroes charge up and are unable to fire on time as there might be too many combos that are out our control . I would just love to see my heroes fire their special skills just as titan do when time runs out (timer hits 0) . This would make slow mana generating heroes better against titans . Please consider my suggestion.

Your idea is similar to the one in this thread :wink:


Glad am not the only person who thinks that should be introduced


Yes, it’s a great idea and has been suggested many times before. Hopefully one day they will consider implementing it. :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, welcome to the forum! :hugs:


I agree with Natured and the previous posts on the topic. It would be so fair to allow heroes to fire of specials when time runs out during Titan Attack.


I believe the counter argument is the fact that it is turn based. The turn starts with your specials, followed by your tile move, followed by Titan special or attack, which ends the turn. If heroes could fire their specials as time expired, that would considered the start of a new turn.

I agree it would be nice to fire our heroes skills even after time expired


It is a nice idea but hero specials are not automatically fired. Once time runs out a new turn cannot start, and the current turn includes the titan’s attack which is allowed to finish. That does allow any riposte damage if you have riposte activated to be included.

Ah, apparently I am echoing @CoachNeiko here :laughing:


This is a duplicate thread and will be closed. Please vote on the existing thread posted above in the thread. :+1:

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