Hero Specials not leveling up

Since the last update (I updated on the 24th of April) I haven’t had any of my heros level up their special (except for ascension s)

Same seems like the special leveling up has its rates dropped or something. Several 50%+ and still no increase :frowning:

It shows the probability when leveling. I doubt SG would show probabilities and use different ones.

I dont think so. More Like Bad Luck and Not more. I leveled Melendor and his Special was at 8/8 after his Second ascension. After that i leveled a Bane and his Special ist fully leveled at 3/8. RNG at his best.

Since 24 April, my heroes increased their special skill 17 times.
I’ve been keeping track since January – and I’m happy to announce the game works fine in this area. :slight_smile:

I’m fully aware of the percentages. What I’m saying is that NONE of my heroes have leveled up their special skill since the update except for the automatic increases with an ascension. I have 8 heroes with maxed special skills, so I know how to level my heroes properly, and something seems to be broken right now.

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There is nothing broken with leveling. With random probabilities it’s expected that someone, sometime will have an extended unlucky streak. Sorry that it happened to be you, but that’s not evidence that the game is bugged.

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