Hero special skill not leveling after version 20 update

I have recently started leveling Lianna from scratch after the update when I noticed that her special skill wasn’t improving. I fed her off color 1* heroes until I ran out and nothing (and this was about 20-25 of those which adds up to two separate 10% chances). Then I fed her on color 1* heroes (about 15 of them which added up to one 20% chance and then a 10% chance) but still nothing. I then fed her all the 2* heroes I had regardless of color and now she is at level 1.36 and her skill is still at 1/8. I though this was unusual, so I decided to test out another hero, Frida. Without boring anyone with the details, I will just say I repeated the process I went through with Lianna on Frida. Frida is now at 2.16 and her skill only went up because I ascended her, which leaves it a t 2/8.

I thought that maybe I was having bad luck, so I decided to ask around on “Line” to see if anyone else has noticed a difference, and sure enough, I have alliance members and other friends alike telling me they are experiencing the same issue. their hero’s special skills aren’t leveling.

If there isn’t anything wrong, fine, but if there is an issue with the leveling mechanic, could we maybe fix that please?

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I had two special gains on Morgan today, and one yesterday, feeding her single 1* and 2* greens. I had a single gain on Khagan yesterday too, using a 1* feeder. That maxed both of them. It’s just the RNG being a pain for you.

I got Morgan to 2/55 before I had any special gains other than the one from ascending her the first time. Then I got two more in the last five levels, taking her special to 4/8. She was the single worst special gainer I’ve had except for Vlad, who I got maxed without any special gains at all. By contrast I got Frida to a 7/8 special before hitting her first ascension, using the same single feeder technique. It’s just sheer randomness. It evens out eventually.

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Started to feed Valeria. Skill improved one time before first ascension.

I think you’re just having typical RNG luck variance.

I got the opposite of yours on Gormek that I started from scratch in Version 20, with a maxed special skill by 2-1:

It was notably fast enough that I screenshotted it to show to alliance mates.


My Scarlett did the same thing early on. Her skill was only 2/8 at Level 2/30. Went up to 6/8 by Level 2/45. I’d say just be patient and work through it

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