Hero special request


Ive always been a big fan of the debuff heroes, sonya in particular.
However I would like to see a variation to the special attack, maybe in the form of a 5* hero, that, instead of just debuffing it could steal and mimic the buffs an enemy or group of enemies has. It could certainly turn the tides in raid battles. Just putting it out there.


That’s a great idea. Would take a lot of coding and tweaking to get it right, I think, but it could be really interesting.

I hope we see something like this in a few months. ‘Emil the Emulator’. ‘Shane the Shapeshifter’. ‘Craig the Copycat’.


Oh that’s cool!!! Great idea! Like a parrot attack. Just spit balling attack names


Sounds like the Skinwalker I proposed a few months ago. Great idea, I wish you luck.


I think something like “turning the tides” would be my choice of name.
Just hope devs see this.


Wow. That single hero would make the difference in almost all fights… Buffs and debuffs alone are strong as hell and to steal would be very strong.
Like the idea anyways! :upside_down_face:


It would by nature, be slow mana charge. But I would imagine the special could put it into hotm territory. Its nice to dream anyways!!


I like yours better