Hero Special not advancing


I am having an issue with my hero special not advancing. It seems that no matter how many feeders I give it, the special will not advance and it was working fine a month ago. I am worried and withholding feeders since they have not been advancing. I am not sure if it is bc of the recent update or not. Can you please help?

I will test it and provide pics next time to show if it happens again. once i have another round of feeders.

Make a print of ur hero

It’s completely normal, it just sucks. This happens to me all of the time, and I always do on-color feedings and in groups of ten. No TH or 3*+. If you think about it, there’s only a 1%-30% chance that it will even go up, and that’s not all that high. Now, if it’s at 100% and still not going up, then that would definitely be a bug. Anything less than that can and will miss, more often than not.

If it’s a 3* that’s not getting it’s skill up, then that’s normal. It might get stuck at 3/8.

4* rarely get to max without 8/8, but it has happened.

5* I don’t think have ever not been 8/8 by last ascension.

Avoid feeding trainer and 3*+ heroes to anyone who doesn’t have a maxed skill. Try different methods; on-color feeding, rainbow feeding, one at a time, ten at a time, six at a time. Keep plugging away and hopefully eventually it will come.

I had the same feeling lately DABS. I can remember only one upgrade going well in a week. I hope there is not a bug in there, only realy realy bad luck ?

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