Hero special increases

Just curious if anyone else has noticed the past few days their training of heros not improving the special ability regardless of percentage chance. I have been at 2% all the way up to 58 percent and not one of the y heros has improved their special skill in the past 3 days. I’m really not happy about this. Did they change the percentage to a harder difficulty to annoy us more. I mean it’s bad enough the summons and TC hardly produce more then a bane or balthazar, but to restrict the special ability increases now too really sucks.

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It’s random. I had tiburtus at last ascension before he hit lvl 8 special. Then I got azlar and have him 8/8 before 2nd ascension.

Over the past few days, I’ve gotten Thoth Amun’s special from 1 to 5, Master Lepus’ special from 1 to 4 and Jack O’Hare’s special from 1 to 6, so I think special leveling is working. Only one of those gains for each was from an ascension.

I get random but with chance left 50% that should almost be a given. And it’s been 5 or 6 different heights. Ulmer went from 37 to 50 and not one increase he’s stuck at 5.

If you have a chance of 50% then that is a very far cry from being a given. Only half of the time you’d get the good result, and the other half of the time the bad result.

You’ve had bad luck, others in this thread had good luck. Raising specials is tough for 3 * heroes, you don’t always get them to maxed special before they’re fully levelled.

With 4* and 5* you don’t run into this problem simply because of the amount of times you’re feeding them heroes, which is much greater.

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I made same experiance as Firehawk. Also wondering why the special is not improved (even one time) for quite a lot of level ups…

It’s random. I had terrible luck with Balthazar a few weeks ago. Fed only 1* same color to him (which is considered best way, except of feeding other Balthazars) and his special was only at 4 when he was fully leveled :astonished:

Hello, there are certain heroes where it is difficult to increase the skill.
I have azar (3 * red) and I can not increase his skill for several months, I gave up.

I build up Richard currently and level him up with 10 heros same colour at least once a day. He is at Special Skill level 3 with one ascention but no improvment during normal level up recently (a week or so).

I’m nearly done levelling up 3 Balthi’s for AW with the following results:
Balthazar 41/3: special at 8
Balthazar 47/3: special at 5
Balthazar 50/3: special at 5 (was at 4 right before the last levelling to 50)

It’s not specific to Balthi, but levelling the specials of those 3-stars can be a pain. Just too little attempts, and one guaranteed lvl less than the 4-tiered 4-star and 5-star heroes.

I’m also not taking any of the two “underperforming” Balthi’s any further when they’re at lvl 50 just for the maxed special. I don’t think the little extra damage on the special (from 320% to 335%, which may look like 15% more, but actually boils down to a 4,5% increase) is worth just how many feeder heroes that could take.

No. I guarantee that businesses motivated by profit do not intentionally make changes to “annoy their customers more.” :smirk:


My first Tyrum is being especially stubborn, only level up of special was through ascension. I’ve decided to experiment and punish it by feeding it only singular 1* same color heroes. Hopefully it learns its lesson soon.

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Hi. Well, my perception is that my luck is far worse in this regard of late. No question. However, I can’t say that is the reality.

Disclaimer: I did break a mirror last week so…

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However they nerfed elemental chest content just to annoy… everyone was happy the way it was, except SG it seems

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“…just to annoy” is a statement of malicious (even childishly malicious) intent.

I’m aware things get nerfed around here, and I can agree or disagree with the rationale, but I’ll laugh at the idea that SG is intentionally being mean to people. :roll_eyes:

Rook are you one of the developers? Just curious or are you just moderating the forum?

As a player who probably spends way too much time playing this game I tend to pay attention to small nuances. When you use heros to train other heros for 4 days. Assuming on average you can train / find maybe 20 a day that’s close to 80 heros used for training on 5 or 6 different heros of various colors and not one hero increases their special ability I notice.

Now granted I’ve been playing for a short time compared to others and maybe it happens in sports like this but it just seems like there was an update and a lot of stuff changed. The loot drops, the special skill increases, etc. Was just wondering if their was a calculated decision to make the game harder. Maybe they thought it would make people spend more money since it is a “profit driven” game.

For example pokemon go purposely changed the revive drops to try and encourage different styles of play for arenas. I stopped playing when I had 30 dead pokemon and couldn’t revive them. It had a negative impact on the fun factor of the game for me.

If I can’t increase my heros special skill with a 58% chance it’s kind of frustrating. Just trying to learn if there was a known reason. No reason to get upset and call people childish.

I’m just a moderator (fellow player, 100% volunteer) here on the Forum.

To be truthful, I don’t keep track of how many heroes drop for me while playing, because it’s virtually all the time (so frequent that I really only notice when it stops). Mind you, this might be hero or troop, or both.

I mostly make my “feeder” heroes from the Training camps because I’m in a hurry to level up my chosen heroes. :wink:

I updated the most recent version after this last war. I haven’t yet noticed a difference in skillups. (I was going thru a dry spell before I updated, and it hasn’t noticeably changed either way.)

NOTE: Most of my skillups over the last year have fallen between say 10-28%, happening more frequently around 18-22%. I don’t remember how high my highest successful skillups was, but the lowest was 2%, followed by 4%. (!)

I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to @Rook any time if you have a direct question for me. :smiley: