Hero sorting: finding my heroes to level

I have almost 200 fully ascended heroes and want to ascend more heroes by color. At least 5 heroes in parallel, shortly speaking.

However, I have no clue how to find them in my long hero list other than scrolling through all heroes. This lately wastes quite some time.

For example, the partly ascended 5* hide within the fully ascended 4* and 3* heroes, the 4* hide within the 3* heroes and the partly ascended 3* between the 4* and 5* duplicates.

Am I missing an option (sorting) that is already implemented? How do you find your heroes to level up if your hero list is long? No problem for you?

Thank you for your help.

You can put heroes that you currently leveling in “team 1” and they will be on top of your rooster

You can also use sort by rarity if you strugling to find specific * heroes


Great idea to use one of the teams. :+1: Thank you!

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