Hero Sort Options

  1. I think you should be able to sort by Attack, Defense, and health. Honestly don’t know why these obvious sorting options would be missing.

  2. Include a “Teams at top” checkbox under the sort options. When checked your teams will always be at the top of the list (as it is now for all sort options except class and origin). When unchecked the team heroes are sorted with everyone else (as it is now for class and origin).

  3. Two tiered sorting option. Meaning sort by *** then within that sort by ***. Examples:
    Sort by rarity then defense would put your best tank candidates per rarity at the top of their rarity group.
    Sort by element then attack would put your hardest hitters for each element at the top of their element group.

Suggestion 1 & 2 would be rather easy to implement I’d think and would make decision making faster and easier. Suggestion 3 might be harder to implement, but databases have been doing this for decades so I would think it’s possible.

I wish SG realized by now how much we want better sorting



That second option would probably be my #1 choice for better sorting options. It irks me that I can’t just sort by rarity or element without my teams showing at the top first. I actually created my own spreadsheet in Excel with all my heroes so I could sort them how I want them, although it’s hard to maintain as I’m leveling up certain ones.

Check out

That’s the best way to analyze your roster


There is already a master thread on this.

Best to have all the votes in one location instead of spread out.

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Shouldn’t have to use a 3rd party tool for what should be in the game. Also who has the time to update that thing every single time they change a hero (level, ascend, emblem, limit break, costume, etc.)? It’s supposed to be a game, not a job.


Do votes really matter? Doesn’t seem like the devs ever even check in here. It’s more a place for users to rant about changes we’ll never see.

Many of us use it and it’s been a valuable tool

I usually spend like 2-3 minutes a week updating it once your roster is in it’s pretty simple.

It also allows your alliance to see each other’s teams without masses of screenshots to sort through in chat apps.

If it’s not for you that’s fine but every person I’ve referred to it who took the time to set it up has thanked me.

Occasionally they do. There has been the odd enhancement that was talked about here. It is more likely to be addressed if there’s one thread with 500 votes than 20 threads with 25 votes each.

Plus the @moderators will likely just merge this one there anyway. There is a forum policy to not duplicate threads.

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Thanks I’ll check this out. It’s got to be easier than tracking in Excel!

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I’d Like a hero sort that takes out unlevelled heroes. So you could still sort by colour, power, Class etc but it’ll only show heros that have been levelled in some way and without the teams at the top…

There should be an option which allows to separate heroes by tabs and then choose if you want to sort them by class, color or rarity.

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