Hero Sort By (Power)

I had quit and restarted the game before I remembered to screenshot

So I had Mist at node 4 (Power 677) between Sir Roostley and Melendor. I gave her 2 extra nodes to power 687 but she didn’t move automatically to her current position in the above screenshot. Instead she remained in the position behind Sir Roostley (Power 683).

I had to quit and restart for Mist to move to her correct position. Also, this is the second time it’s happened. I can’t remember the former hero.

I wonder if it would have re-sorted properly without the restart if you had chosen another sorting method, and then gone back to Sort by Power.

I suspect it doesn’t ‘live update’ the sort between leveling and emblem distribution.

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I actually did that, I wanted to check my Clerics, so I sorted by class after the emblems add, but she still went to the same position

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