Hero skills

Justice and Hu Tao are pretty much carbon copies of one another: same colour and exact same hero skills. Just an extra star, better stats and a different pic for Justice. Could you possibly change one of them to give us a bit more diversity of hero skills?

Azlar and Colen are copies, Kelile and Marjana are copies, (and Jahangir), Belith and Melendor (Gandalf) are copies. It’s actually quite common. I think they should leave them alone and continue the trend of slowly introducing new heroes.


Agree with Penari.
Changing hero’s abilities (other than minor tweaks) is bad practice.

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Sorry, didn’t realize there were so many other “copies” of heroes.

Ulmer and Isarnia also copies. Would be nice if Isarnia have the new animation skill. Feeling bored with these animation.
Also I wish the legendary heroes’ improvement like Domitia’s special skill from 390% to 420% damage (or else) or change her mana speed from average to fast. And also Thoth-Amun’s special skill from 215% to 250% damage (or else) because I think their damage done are too weak as a legendary heroes when compared to other 5* heroes.