Hero skills


Justice and Hu Tao are pretty much carbon copies of one another: same colour and exact same hero skills. Just an extra star, better stats and a different pic for Justice. Could you possibly change one of them to give us a bit more diversity of hero skills?


Just noticed that Horghall and Skittleskull are also similar carbon-copy knockoffs of one another as well. PLEASE change one of them. My request would be to change Justic and Horghall to fast or average speed ability heroes that would be significant upgrades to their 4 star variants rather than just slightly more of the same thing.


Azlar and Colen are copies, Kelile and Marjana are copies, (and Jahangir), Belith and Melendor (Gandalf) are copies. It’s actually quite common. I think they should leave them alone and continue the trend of slowly introducing new heroes.


Agree with Penari.
Changing hero’s abilities (other than minor tweaks) is bad practice.


Sorry, didn’t realize there were so many other “copies” of heroes.