Hero skill


Is possible to give a new hero a stun skill, like vs a titan. Just last 1 or 2 turns more. Or will it be to OP?


Seems like a nice addition. The challenge is to figure out a way to do it that works in all environments: attacking Titans, clearing levels, raiding players, and defending raids.

Maybe something like “Deal X% damage to a single enemy and they cannot deal damage or use special abilities for Y turns”

When using the ability on the world map or raiding, it would keep the opponent’s countdown timer at 1 or at S without letting them use it. Once it wore off the attacks would fire. Debatable if it would lock a timer at 2 or 3 or if they should count down to 1 and stay there. I see arguments either way.

When used against you in a raid, you couldn’t activate that hero’s ability if it’s charged, and if you connect gems of that hero’s color they’d get the mana but only do 1 damage each just like if you had no hero of that color. If you’ve got two heroes that color you’d only get damage from the one without the effect.

Titans would work much like world map and raiding, the Titan couldn’t attack or use its special. That seems exceptionally powerful against a Titan since it shuts down 100% of the enemy damage instead of 1/5 of the team. So maybe make it only last 1 round against Titans, but 2 rounds against all others.



Havnt thinked of the things like the World map, but the pvp with the 1 dmg, i think it will be to broken, think its okay if they still do normal dmg. But it can maybe be tested out.

And a timer/counter will be a smart indicator