Hero skill will not improve

I have kadline (5* green) for about 4 months now. Have been leveling her with 10 green for about 20% to 40% and skill will not go up. She is stuck at 5. I left her alone and stopped and came back to her and tried again still will not go up. Don’t understand it. The only other one I have that has done this is wukong but he is at 7 and not so worried about him right now. Can someone please explain. I know it is luck but for 4 months and her skill never to change doesn’t seem right

Just keep at it. I’m assuming she’s not at 4/80 yet? I have never had a 5* get to 3/70 without max skill, and only once had a 4* get into final ascension without max skill.

Not there yet but this is it

The good news/bad news is that you will have a LOT of opportunity to feed Kadilen yet. 3/31 isn’t even close to half-way done. (Legendary heroes have Legendary appetites.)


I have the same problems with these Heroes. Since yesterday I have feed them many times and no ones skill has improve. I feed them with colours and with 10 1*, 2* or 3*. Percent of chance was from 20 to 40. Reinstalling the game didn’t work as previously, when I had the same problem. I have a lot of heroes and they reach their max special skill at Second bar. Please solve it.

Getting to 8/8 is no longer an issue since the last update.

Just move forward until you get to the max (3.50 for 3*, 4.70 for 4* and 4.80 for 5*) at that point feed the hero with 10 1* heroes (or 5 2* heroes) of the same color and the special will raise by one. Repeat as needed.

Also, at that point, just using the same hero (e.g. Bane for Bane) will have the same effect: 100% raise guaranteed.

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not as bad as my buddy

The chance to level the special is quintupled at max level, so 5 2* of the same color are enough, or 10 1* (5x4x5 = 10x2x5 = 100).

But yes, as the others said, it is not a bug, just a patch of bad luck. Bound to happen statistically. Just soldier on until you reach A4L80. If by then (after what will feel like thousands of feeders) their special isn’t maxed, it’ll cost you almost nothing to right that wrong.

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You’re right, my math failed me :frowning: Editing …

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