Hero Shredder or Feed your VIP dragon

I would like to see an option of putting a really, really sucky hero through a virtual shredder. I feel that i would get some recompense for shredding Renfeld after receiving him through a summons or my TC 20.

I believe many players would prefer to watch another Friar Tuck get fed to their VIP dragon rather than fed to their own heroes.



Oh please stop. I can’t get any air…got my vote!
If you don’t have the dragon the shredder makes food to upgrade the other heroes.

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Voted, too. :rofl:

Each time you’re gonna shred one, this particular hero should be excluded from your summons in the future.

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Additional animations for feeding heroes would be great!
As it is now most just skip the leveling screen, but if there were a few new ‘random’ animations such as:
a Trainer hero slaughtering your feed heroes
VIP dragon eating your feed heroes
shredder…post your creative ideas here for new animations!

Don’t have a VIP dragon so I guess I’ll go w the shredder, but I will just feed em to an Alfie, it may make me feel like I’ve accomplished something worthwhile in this game. :person_raising_hand: