Hero Shop?


Apologies if it’s been proposed before but it would be great if there was dedicated hero shop with a few available heroes at a time that change every so often. I bet the devs would make $$$$ and players would be happy because they can choose what they put their money toward. Of course, to include 4* and 5* and prices adjusted to reflect hero rating.


Yeah, there already is a hero shop of sorts, but only for 3* heroes.

Truthfully, what should a 4*/5* hero cost??


That’s the question. $50 would not be unreasonable but the question is how much would the devs sell it for, seeing the heavy price tag trend for the other buyable items…


I think this is precisely why there is no 4/5* Hero Shop. Some players get very lucky and nail a 5* right out of the gate. Some roll and roll and get 3*. I like that the game has not devolved into pure play2win. :smirk: