Hero says it will level. Click ok same level


Hello I was trying to level Hel. This morning I used the required items said she would go to next level but when I clicked ok she stayed the same level tried this 2 times with same results has anyone else had this issue ?


You have to level her, than CLOSE the image. She will came back to roster levelled. Then you click again on her, than level her again, and CLOSE again so she appears levelled on the roster again.


I tried logging off and back in she is still level 77 someone in my alliance said it might have been a internet connection issue. I not sure thank you for your response


The game is using various methods to defeat potential cheating.

When you feed your hero, tap feeders, tap level up, TAP OK. When you go back to your hero it will be leveled. After you hit okay, click your hero again and see. :slight_smile:


Thank you I’m not exactly sure why it didn’t work Room I tried 2 time but Hel remained level 77 but its just a loss of a few feeder heroes and some ham its all good now she is finally level 80 thanks for your response bro


Rook not Room stupid autocorrect