Hero’s you dread going up against and your way around them

Whether its in a war or a raid, the 2 heros I will try to avoid at all costs are Kashhreck and Telluria!! Whenever I see either of them at the centre front of an apposing team I cry internally. There have been many a time where a team has been weaker than mine and yet still I lose against them.

Apart from avoidance, my only tactic has been to try and make matches that dont hit them, nervously wait for most of my heros to max out their mana and hit those troublesome heros with everything Ive got while saying a silent prayer thats its enough to get rid of them before the retaliate with their special.

Which hero’s are your kryptonite and what is your tactic if avoidance is impossible?

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Hi, @Dani89.

When you have played a bit longer and acquired ideal heroes, maxed and perhaps emblemed them later, you will be equipped enough tools to battle those Telly and Kashhrek tanks. Indeed they are a pesky bunch of tanks but with the right heroes, right attack strategy employed and enough board puzzle skills, you’ll be able to overcome them in raids. But it is not always 100% win assurance though.

Right now, I am having difficulty facing Garnet or Black Knight tanks, who is flanked to the left by Frigg and flanked to the right by either Odin or costumed Kadilen, and at wings are Cobalt and Onyx or Finley and Killhare. I battle them using my monogreen :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Usually depends on who the super tank is at the time. It was Telluria earlier in the year, but I no longer fear them. If a Telly isn’t at 991 DEF I consider them to be a baby Telly. Aw…

If I had to pick one then my current love/hate is Alfrike. Once she fires off her special it’s game over soon afterwards for me. I can’t find a way to recover from the reduced health and mindless attack on full mana.

But, as essentially pointed out above, any tank (or, indeed, character) can be overcome with the right combination of characters and a bit of tile luck.

The first edition of telluria was fearless,I used to skip every time i had to face her, especially when she was accompanied by Vela and gravemaker,after the balance the only hero i have second thoughts to face is Jabberwocky,my wings are weak and easy pray for the Wonderland’s dragon,i face him only when i have to answer a raid changing wings(kageburado, Poseidon)with flanks (Onatel Kunchen)who can take the claws hit and survive

Any defense featuring three 5-star ninjas which includes Garnet. The ninjas seem to dodge way more than the 10% family bonus states and it is super annoying when they dodge… There really is no counter to the dodge, it is a “built-in” feature of the ninja family bonus.


Well it used to be Seshat. But now that I have Gefjon maxed I seek her out

hey, I think I fought one of those teams before. they are abselutely beast. its garnet flanked with Frigg and Odin, and those two ninjas at wings… Never won against them…

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I try to avoid riposte users if i dont have dispel at hand. Even the slow ones like Elena can devaste your team if she fires and you dont have dispel.

I have kind of respect to Alfrike. Its not that i wont raid her but shes pure power. Thats how every very slow hero should work.

I try to avoid Seshat wings in wars.

Kageburado hits so hard that sometimes it makes me think twice before raiding a defence that has him

Then telluria has still some tricks and her mates can really punish you if a bad board however shes not near of her pre nerf power

My holy heroes are mainly healers and mana-cutters, so can’t do enough damage before she fires.
If I have no choice but to fight her, I’d go red stack with Grazul. Try to time Grazul’s no status ailments special to fire before Alfrike does

As @Ultra said, one of my hardest challenges in raids is defeating a team like the one he mentioned and another similar teams:

Finley/ Onyx - Frigg - Garnet/ BK - Odin - Jabber/ Kill hare/ Cobalt

I always attack these teams with mono purple or mono blue, as they’re my strongest combinations.

I used to win more fights against the original GTV with my mono teams than now. Besides, these ninjas dodges more than 10%.

Yeah. Sometimes I wish the old meta is going back by buffing both Telly and Vela to their original stats and skills on their respective dates of release. The problem is, it ain’t happening as there are way too many HOTMs released whereas these ninja and S3 heroes are behind a very very high paywall.

I see a ridiculous number of ninjas in upper teams now. Saw one with 4 earlier today (plus Odin). I found an easier target.

And I think they’re far more broken than GTV ever was, but they won’t get changed because of the steep paywall and relative rarity.


Telluria has trained me how to knock out a tank. However my purple attacking team is sub par so when I see a Guin, I get nervous. I can handle most tanks firing, but if she does most likely I’m toast.

Its got to be Ursena or Killhare once they go off its pretty much all over. I usually bring Proteus as my way around them.

I consider myself a mid-level player, and I was still struggling with Telly tanks even after all the nerfs. I only have 16 leveled 5*, and hardly any are the “great” ones.

But then I finished Vanda and got my first red mana troop in the same week, and suddenly I am pretty successful against green tank teams up to about 4650 or so…

I try to stay in low diamond, and I haven’t seen huge piles of Ninja heroes there yet. My current nemesises are Alfrike and the taunt guys. Actually I do ok against Krampus at tank, but as Telly’s flank he kicks my butt.

And Killhare, Finley, Jabber at wing give me fits if I can’t take them out quick enough…

Even though most of my attack teams are a shade below 4000 TP, and there are dozens of heroes that I dread having to face… the only hero I have been completely unable to defeat with any possible hero combination is “Bad RNG”.


I dread many as I am 3600 points . Zulag has made life bad for me .

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I’m sorry! :slightly_frowning_face:

The downside is, when you’re still in the mid 3k range, majority of the top tier heroes are going to give you a hard time.

The upside is that it does get easier as your teams get stronger. Even if all you can get are vanilla heroes - level them all up, slap a few emblems on them, do a little bit of color stacking and WHAMMO! You won’t have much trouble with individual heroes any more.

Now, on the other hand, if your opponent has all 5 insanely tough, full emblemed heroes that all compliment each other… R.I.P.

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I’m close to being middling lol. Once Isandira is full I could be close to 38-3900 points . I have a long way to go for full 5 star team but the journey is a lot of fun . I have done funky 4 stars that are fun to fight with like Hansel and Valeria .

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It will happen. I hovered around 3600 for the longest time. Slowly worked on the few 5* heroes I had in the background while fielding all 4s for my main teams.

Then one day it suddenly occurred to me… I think some of my 5s may now actually be stronger than my 4s.

Mind you, this was after several months of mostly using 4s while very slowly working on my 5s in the background.

Pro tip: don’t ever assume that a 5 star hero at 3/70 is as good as a 4 star at 4/70, because they usually are not.

Anyway… I spent many months around 3600. Then suddenly I started finishing a few more heroes and slapping emblems on them. Before I knew it, I had finally reached 4000.

A few more months, emblems, and heroes later, I’m now close to 4300.

What sucks is that you eventually reach a certain level where progress becomes really, unbearably slow. 5* heroes require so many damn emblems just to go up one tier. And 4* troops are probably even slower. I have no clue how some people seem to have like 30+ maxed troops. I’m guessing they have bought tons of feeder troops - that’s the only way I can explain it. Because just taking one troop from level 15 to level 16 seems to take about a month minimum for me.

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