Hero’s with a good/bad rep that you disagree with

Are there any hero’s that have a good or bad rep that you actually don’t agree with.

I have a maxed out Leonidas and I can tell you that he has saved my bacon many a time with his mana special but he doesn’t seem to be very popular.

On the other hand I have Ursena up to 3.70, who seemed to have a good rep, and I’m really not impressed. Even tank-wise I find her underwhelming. Maybe I need to max her out to see the benefits.

Who do you guys have that you dont think deserve their good or bad reputation?

Ursena and Quintus are like gentle slaps on the cheek unless you emblem them. And even then they’re really only overwhelming in rush attack mode.

Personally, I’ve thought very little of Zulag, who I’ve left at 1/1 since I got her in a bonus draw, but I’ve seen how effective she can be on D in the double and reverse double raid formations, so I’m going to ascend her after all (once I’m done with Gefjon, Heimdall, and Glenda, that is).

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