Hero’s of the same ability

When you use a hero with poison and another with burn at the same time, both poison and burn work to kill the hero. If you use red Marjana and Colen, because they both burn, using one after the other overwrites the first burn value. For instance, Colen 1st shows a 75 burn but then hitting with M amends it to 56. Should these not stack in the same way that two different hero types would?

developers decided that they should not stack :upside_down_face:

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Everything about buffs, status ailments, stacking and overwriting can be found here:


What’s even more frustrating is bringing both Ursena and Mitsuko to the same fight. Gotta be really careful on your timing then, as the color reflects overwrite each other. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

Many thanks for the replies… a lot of useful info given

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