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Does anyone else agree with me when i say that SG should make tabs for a sixth team in the hero roster? I could be wrong, but it’ll sure help organize teams for allance wars and levelng heros.

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Yeah absolutely correct, or, keep it to five attampts

If your using the same teams, you are not taking advantage of strategy. I use (1) a titan team, (2) a defense team, and (3) an average raiding team. I’d be fine with four but I’m not asking for less. :grin:. With the last two, I change frequently for raiding and higher level farming. I base it on the opponent. I use a similar strategy for wars. I pick an opponent, select my heroes, see who I have left, and pick another target based on that. That’s the strategy that is alliance wars.

In version 16, which should be released soon, you will be able to buy (for a modest gem cost) up to 15 team slots.

Generally, I do understad what you’re saying abour using different teams. However, at the moment, my teams arent as strong as I’d like them to be. Among other things, leveling my teams are paramount. Thanks for your repsponse.

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The question to go with extra team slots is whether there’s any additional sorting options of the hero list to go with with them?
The current system is getting unwieldy and cumbersome with new heroes, and while keeping additional heroes I use more regularly at the top in new teams would help a bit, the ability to sort better, especially with the option to remove the ‘teams always at the top’ lock, or to hide teams/favourites when levelling would help more.

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Great questions. I would love to see “folders” where I could tuck heroes. For example, my “have’m but no plans for them” folded with Guardian Owl and friends.

Like you, I would like the option to show the bench ignoring the team designation. A simple toggle ther would be great.

I’d also,like displays to be simplified. Why, on the level up screen, show the Favorite locked heroes at all? It just adds a lot of scrolling.

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I recently went to the shop and found the option to gain an extra team slot for 100 coins so I bought it with the idea that if SG has it for a price, it’ll never be free.

I also figured that if I could pay for gems, I could do a team slot purchase.

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