Hero roster,what should I focus on leveling


Hey guys,i need some help deciding what heroes i should level,i would like a good raid defense team,maybe raid attack. You’ll find below my heroes.
Also,for dark i have a mana troop at level 6 and a crit one at lvl 1…I’m very tempted to level the crit one,would it be ok ?
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For raid defense using I’d go with Kiril, Tib, Viv, Grave, Peter. Grimm sux so bad on raid defense, but is great on offense.


Below is my current defense team,you think i should ascend kiril over thorne or horghall?
I should mention i have 3 of each 4* ascension material except for damascus blade,I only have two.
So it will be a while untill i will be able to fully ascend them…
I’m sitting at 2100-2200 trophies,and I win 70-80% of the revenge attacks…I lose more trophies when I attack:)


I know this is a bit facetious…but I prefer my heroes fried to roasted.

I’ll see myself out…


Thanks :slight_smile:


Max Wu Kong if possible. He has a key role for Titan fights.


It would be hard now,all yellow heroes go to vivi,but it will definitely happen,thank you for the suggestion!


Until you have mats to get them to Max, I’d ignore Horghall and Thorne. Definitely get Kiril up instead. By the time you have mats for Horghall and Thorne, you may have different priorities and better heroes to choose from.


I would Max Kiril and put him in for Grimm. Grimm on defense is not so good. Plus a 2nd healer with attack and defense buff may help out.


Thank you,it seems I will level kiril :slight_smile:
I also have boldtusk,i will level him too


Would this work ?
Panther will be 3/70 and gafar 4/70 (they are both fast)
Kiril 4/70


I think that would work for sure. I wouldn’t change them yet until they are leveled but that should work good.


Thanks man i will definitely go for that build


Yes, that will be a nasty team.

I strongly believe in matched-color training, so I think of developing heroes by color groups. Your bench suffers from having too few developed heroes overall, because you’ve been building 5* heroes (which uses a LOT of feeders). My recommendations:

  • Purple: Max Gafar, then max Panther. Both excellent heroes, but you’ll be able to get Gafar on-line much more quickly. Aeron follows Panther.
  • Yellow: I’d bring Vivica up to 4/70 and pause; those last 10 levels are brutally expensive, and you really need more heroes. In particular, you need Wu Kong, then Chao. Then go back and top-up Vivica
  • Blue: Focus on Kiril. Forget you ever drew Thorne. Certainly don’t level him beyond 3/70. He is NOT worthy of telescopes, and perhaps not of capes. Only ascend him to tier 3 if you don’t get any other blue 4* or 5* by then. Sonya would be a nice addition; any of the other 5* heroes would be good (after Kiril).
  • Green: Complete Melendor, then Caedmon, then Little John. Given your other available cards, you will never use Kashhrek. Horghall is a solid tank, currently your best card for that spot. Don’t start work on him, though, until you have 5 tonics.
  • Red: build Boldtusk – he’s among the best 4* heroes. When you have rings, finish Gravemaker.


Wow! Thank you very much for taking your time to write all that,I will do exactly that!
I will use a crit troop for panther,the mana one doesn’t help much for fast heroes…


I keep two troops for every color…you say mana or crit and I say BOTH! :grin:

If you are focused on one or the other, that’s fine, raise it, but don’t be swift to toss a troop you might not get back for a long time…


I’ve started work on ascending the heroes as Kerridoc said,one thing worth mentioning, panther has final ascend lvl 25 and rising,and i’ve received isarnia and khagan,i need a telescope to max her.
My questions are:
Should I max isarnia and horghall (I have all mats to max him) or should I wait ?
Again,thank you for taking the time to help me out
Best regards,


Personally, I think Isarnia is worthy of telescopes. She is squishy but her special rocks. Use mana potions on her against titans.

I do not think Khagan is worthy of rings, particularly given that you have Gravemaker. Park him next to Thorne; they can play cribbage together until hell freezes over.

Horghall is on the edge for me. You need a good tank, though, and Horghall fits that bill very well (far better than Vivica, IMO). A lineup of Panther, Gravemaker, Horghall, Vivica, and Isarnia (not necessarily in that order) would be a very credible defense.


Hey Kerridoc,

Sorry to ask your advice again,I got tarlak, I don’t know if I should ascend him to max,and I’m not sure about another purple…khiona,Santana…I can’t max either now, i don’t have tabard and Damascus.

Thanks in advance,


Yes max Tarlak for titans. You already have a tank in Gravemaker so you don’t need Horghall.