Hero Roster update 1.13.5 error

Seems to be an error or glitch with Hero roster
… not responding to the Apply when Sorting Heros into order… Power, Element and rarity… and flags missing Above heros…

I just tested the sort feature and it is working correctly. Remember, teams are locked in place at the top and are not affected by sort. All other cards will sort correctly below the locked teams.

“Flags missing above heroes…” ???

Which flags are you referring to? Screenshot?

There is a little problem - if you change something in a team and press apply, the screen still shows you the former line up. Only after leaving the team page and returning, do you see the new line up of your heroes.

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Not in Heroes > Edit Team.

perhaps it is a glitch on only one operating system? I am on iOS

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Me too. Are you trying to change a hero team in Raid maybe?

no - just in the normal edit view.

Strange…if you keep having the issue, try turning off/on device; then contact SG if it persists.

I just tested both Heroes > Edit team and Raid (which will only show the team with defense badge), but you can change both.


They can be changed - that isn’t the problem - but the view does not change until you leave the edit page and return.

It did on mine. That’s what I’m saying. I clicked the center hero. Changed it. Immediately saw the change. Applied. Change stayed.

It’s working for me.

scratches head

guess I will submit a ticket then… so many bugs… :beetle: anyone have a can of Raid? lol

Thank you for always being a wonderful mod, Rook.

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passes you the Raid

I’d offer cookies, but after the Raid, maybe not the best idea… :wink:


On the subject of hero roster… as it increases occasionally… level up or whatever… shouldnt we also get extra team slots?
By my count we need soo many teams… for events, and the various other entertainments… Raids… Wars… i think we need 6 teams just to survive the 3 lives we get in the 12 hours of war… we only have space to save 5 teams…
War power regeneration is another issue… why so long?

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