Hero Roster Organize System [MASTER]

What about an all, saved, and feeder tab? All is as described. Saved only shows those that have been locked, and feeder only shows that that have not been locked.

Leveling plan tab (like HeroPlan) would be super nice… for heroes and troops.

I currently have my upcoming 1-5 level plan heroes and troops on my 1-5 teams, just to keep them organized.


Also team templates would be cool. You fill out a team with a template, then when you go to fill a team (in war/ninja tower/whatever) you could select from a template.

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Hero page
Tab one- all heroes
Tab two- favorites
Tab three- costumes or potential costumes
Tab four- heroes not fully leveled

Still sortable, but this may save a few thousand scrolling swipes.

Agreed! Maybe tabs would be a good idea. Separated into all, favorites, costumes and not fully leveled

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