Hero Roster Organize System [MASTER]

Very good idea. I am also very tired of scrolling so many times per day through my long list of unlevelled heros.

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Roaster Heroes (favourite and in-use) order should modifiable by the user. While the rest of heroes (training heroes) could be presented more iconised like it happens for the troops.


Roaster Heroes (on top)
Meat for Training (on the bottom)

It would be easier to scroll among iconised heroes and the difference would be immediately visible between Roaster and Meat heroes.

Moreover, the order of team should be editable.

I show the concept with an example

  1. team one
  2. team two
  3. team three
  4. team four. <–
  5. team five

I wish to have the option to move the “team four” into the 2nd position to have

  1. team one
  2. team four <–
  3. team two
  4. team three
  5. team five

AFAIK, this is not possible by now.


Even it’s not in folder but for example manual sort with drag and drop (like when you rearrange buildings) would be nice…


Also this thread would fit into this one.

It is a pain in the but and the UI would benefit from allowing us to at least select a ‘flag’ to “only show unlocked heroes” …


Hi all,

I would love to be able to create folders in my roster. Right now, I have 130 heroes – some leveled, some unleveled, some in various stages in-between. Some I have immediate plans for, some I have plans for but not for awhile, some I only use occasionally (like 3*s for events).

I would love to be able to organize my heroes in folders, so that, for example, my unleveled heroes all go into their own folder. The heroes I’m actively leveling go into another folder. My 3*s go into another folder.

I’m sure others would organize their roster differently, but would still appreciate the divisions and organizational convenience of folders.

Thank you!
Merlin [7D]

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For convenience I use the first team roster to group the heroes I am currently leveling up. That way I am not constantly searching for them.

That however uses up a team slot that I could better use elsewhere as typically that team would likely never be used as a fighting unit (except maybe in 8-7). It would be better to have a dedicated slot for organizing the heroes I am leveling.

Agree. If I want to see my most powerful heroes, I have to take them all out of the teams. Not very nice.


I’m for simply hiding the locked characters instead of darkening them. That would avoid the scrolling issues and be a relatively easy feature to implement.


I just read another post regarding possible changes to how heroes are shown when looking at the roster. I had an idea that kind of played off of that, but wanted to put it in a different thread.

When you open your roster and tap on the hero you’re wanting to level, you hit “Level up”, and see all of the other heroes you have in your roster. The change I’d like to see is, any heroes you currently have locked so you don’t accidentally feed them, have them not show up at all instead of it just being greyed out with, “This hero is in your favorites”, on top of each of them. That prevents all of the unnecessary scrolling past them every time. My roster is only 85/132, and I get tired of the scrolling!

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I agree with you . I only have 37 /70 & it does get annoying . You’re idea sounds better ! :grinning:

How about a vault represented by icon somewhere on your roster that you could put heroes you want to save for the future into and not have to deal with them being part of the main roster. When tapping on any hero card there could be something on it somewhere that says, “move to vault.”

Labels would work well. Just label something and its basically a folder, but a hero can tagged on multiple labels. So that hero can show up in multiple tabs or folders. The view can be accomplished by simply having a drop down box with the labels and it switches views

Agreed, came here to create my own request and found this.

Even if it just had a tick box to sort by team of not. Classes ignores teams where the rest bunch the teens up first. Both can be useful depending why you do it. Would be nice to have the option.

Don’t know if this is mentioned anywhere else, but I would like the same for troops, please (to order them outwith their teams)! :slight_smile:


I know Tim said in the AMA that he would love to make the roster more organized. My roster is getting really unmanageable, I’d love something like this. Voted!

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Now that my roster has grown, my heroes looked so disorganized no matter how it’s sorted. It kinda drives me crazy. Some of the heroes, especially dupes I’m saving for later, I don’t wanna see.

I wish I could “put away” or “hide” a lot of my heroes. And then have like a check box or something at the top of the screen that says “show hidden” or “show all” when I want to see them.

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I agree and also think that if we could sort by healer, debuffer, sniper, etc… instead of element or addition to it would be helpful to those just learning about team building

I just posted this in another thread - this is my (probably daft) attempt to organise better for my needs

I saw this thread and then noted some really cool designs that had been posted several months ago. Want to link them here:

Not suggesting that they should be merged or anything like that though (will leave that to the discretion of mods). I just overall support any ideas to let us sort and filter our hero rosters better.

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