Hero Roster Organize System [MASTER]

Labels would work well. Just label something and its basically a folder, but a hero can tagged on multiple labels. So that hero can show up in multiple tabs or folders. The view can be accomplished by simply having a drop down box with the labels and it switches views

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Agreed, came here to create my own request and found this.

Even if it just had a tick box to sort by team of not. Classes ignores teams where the rest bunch the teens up first. Both can be useful depending why you do it. Would be nice to have the option.

Don’t know if this is mentioned anywhere else, but I would like the same for troops, please (to order them outwith their teams)! :slight_smile:


I know Tim said in the AMA that he would love to make the roster more organized. My roster is getting really unmanageable, I’d love something like this. Voted!

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Now that my roster has grown, my heroes looked so disorganized no matter how it’s sorted. It kinda drives me crazy. Some of the heroes, especially dupes I’m saving for later, I don’t wanna see.

I wish I could “put away” or “hide” a lot of my heroes. And then have like a check box or something at the top of the screen that says “show hidden” or “show all” when I want to see them.

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I agree and also think that if we could sort by healer, debuffer, sniper, etc… instead of element or addition to it would be helpful to those just learning about team building

I just posted this in another thread - this is my (probably daft) attempt to organise better for my needs

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I saw this thread and then noted some really cool designs that had been posted several months ago. Want to link them here:

Not suggesting that they should be merged or anything like that though (will leave that to the discretion of mods). I just overall support any ideas to let us sort and filter our hero rosters better.

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Please do something that we can better store and sort our heroes.
What we have now is just 30 heroes can be organized into 6 teams.
I have 200 heroes that can use a bit of organizing. :slight_smile:

So there are already multiple options for organizing heroes according to power, element, name, class and family. Also, you can buy more teams if you desire, from resource tab in the shop, if you want to keep them organized by teams. :slight_smile:

Aaaaannndd this is why we’ll never see any improvement in hero organization.

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Probably, I have no idea though. I like my hero roster the way it is… Just an F2P so not too many heroes to deal with. :joy:

With the heavy influx of new Heroes,emblems, clothes, the organization of the hero’s roster is totally inadequate.
A nightmare to find someone not on a team. Hopefully some of you have ideas about how to go about it. For me, I would like another tab separating by stars numbers

I personally do it this way:

There is an issue tho in the current roster visualisation where you can’t necessarily see Costumes… It only shows you the CURRENTLY EQUIPPED costume/version of a hero.
Mainly problematic when you’re doing say the class quest and it doesn’t give/show the option of the alternate version of your hero… There is a (somewhat related) thread regarding seeing costumes/ heroes in the roster here:

I agree that it would be nice to have some more methods of sorting/ organising your roster so you can actually SEE what you got… I personally have to rely mostly on memory as to what I got/ Have available.

Very good idea. After playing for some years it’s very unpractical to have weak heroes mixed with the ones you frequently use. We have to save then in order to optimize our chances of leveling up. There should be a better storage system.

Wow, I really like this and I may consider changing my current order to this one!

I current have Defense #1, Farming #2, then Mono each color #3-7, then Titan #8 Raid #9, one custom spot then the rest are my ascending spots so I can keep track of which heroes I’m leveling. I don’t make a war team slot because that’s done separately within the war. I really like your set up.

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Thanks @LadyAchilles. Please feel free to steal shamelessly

I am still using this system, but I have since added a Team 14 which is a farming team for whatever level I am currently farming.

The first team of each colour can of course be your preferred Mono team - but I still tend to construct teams on the fly in my Titan or Raid slot.

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I had a farming team previously, now I just use my defense team to farm but they are annoying To use so I may put a farming team back lol

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I would love to have a tab for completed heroes and one for heroes that are in progress in our hero roster! This would be very helpful!!!

Or just allow more than 15 total teams so the heroes can be organized differently. Interesting concept though. Only potential issue is hunting through 2 tabs to build battle team.

Why would you build battle teams with heroes that are not fully ascended?

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