Hero Roster Organize System [MASTER]

I really wish we could organize our Hero Roster better.

I’m sick of scrolling endlessly while leveling my heroes. I wish I could put unleveled heroes and saved trainer heroes away to a second page or something. I’m playing this game now for a while and right now I have 229 heroes (maxed heroes, unleveled, trainer heroes) and it’s a pain to scroll up and down while I’m farming and emptying my training camps. Especially when I max 2-3 heroes I have to scroll up and down.

I wish we could have a second/third page or something where we can put unused heroes away so the roster isn’t that big all at once.

Please can be looked into customizing our rooster order? :slight_smile:

@Petri @mhalttu

That is a fantastic idea! Please consider an easier way to store unleveled heroes


I have 6 teams now and I put all heroes I’m working on in one team.


Good idea, It would be pretty convenient if we could customise the order our heroes appeared in :slight_smile:



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I think this is a great idea, and sorely needed.

It has one of my votes.

Similar ideas have been posted before but don’t seem to have gained sufficient momentum. Linking for reference for stealing ideas, and perhaps indicating broader support than this thread alone has:


Love this idea. Maybe some way to sort by tier and level instead of just power, name and element would be nice. I really like the idea of being able to store all your 1&2 star food/trainers separately from heroes you are currently working on. :blush:


I have the following teams:
Raid Attack
Raid Defense
Leveling (five I’m leveling)
War Teams 1-6
Dragon Team

The 10 meet all my needs.

Please for the love of simple changes, make this a reality


I would definitely support

  • not showing favourites in level up screen
  • ability to filter on element

Would also like on team setup screen to filter on favourites only to make AW setup easier (presumably you only use favourites in the war - why show rest unless you have less than 30 favourite heroes?)


You’ve got my vote.

I’m pretty amazed that there isn’t a multi-tab system as an optional, advanced feature or something. We regularly have over 70 heroes in our roster and there definitely needs to be a better way to filter through them (plz hide anything that I have locked!). Even if it’s just a “1*”, “2*”, etc… leave the front page as is, but give me those kinds of tabs. I’d love it.


Voted! LOVE this idea, especially would love it if it was a 2nd page that I could swipe to the right to see all my unlocked heroes!


Yes please! I too tire of the endless scrolling up and down. I like the swipe to a new page of unlocked heroes idea.

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At the very least, when selecting heroes to be used as food, we should not have to scroll through all that have been set as ‘Favorites’ or are part of our teams.


Yes please! It would be amazing to have a way to filter through our heroes, especially when we are feeding 1*/2* heroes to level up heroes.


Fantastic idea! One of the first things I though would be easier was to keep the food away from the keepers. Love it.

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Great idea, I had once requested that we should be able to sort heroes by stars, I.e 1*, 2*, 3*…,5* in addition to the the current element, power. This will make easier interaction with deep roasters


Tabs would be nice:

  • war tab with 6 teams
  • action tab with (say 4 to 6) teams for challenges, defence, raids and/or titans
  • level tab with heroes in line or less used
  • additional tabs and teams on sale e.g. to put 3* (or whatever) in

(great to make money by selling more teams and empty places) :wink:

New trained and pulled heros should be shown in all tabs at the bottom to choose from for leveling.

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I’ve never bought extra team slots so I still only have 5
Main Attack Team
Leveling Up
Auto Farm Team
Titan Team
Defense Team

I believe there should be a folder that you can drop and drag Heroes into that you are not currently using or leveling. The deeper the bench the more confusing it starts getting.

I’ve got so many Heroes I will never get around to leveling so I have to scroll and scroll in order to find the feeders to feed the ones I am feeding. It would be nice to be able to put those Heroes that I’m not ready to work on yet into a folder to clean my inventory up. Just click on it and pull them in or out


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