Hero Roster - How can i create space, I have over 200 slots and still having trouble

Hello. I have 200+ hero capacity. But I would like to have some more free spaces so I can feed more heroes to my better heroes.
I currently like having 2 of each hero. But when I summon on a seasonal banner or event banners. I feel I should keep at times maybe more than 3 of a new hero.
I’m just having a lot of trouble creating space so I can feed my bigger heroes.

Any suggestions how I can make more space or organise my hero roster better so I have more space. Thank you. Ps - What would be quite helpful is if there was a resource that says how good the 3 star heroes are. I know about 5 and 4 star heroes. I can reduce these numbers ok. It’s the 3 stars that get me. If I knew which ones I really don’t need many of. :confused:

Thanks very much for taking the time to read. Hope to get some feedback regarding my issue. Thank you in advance.

The only reasons to keep an army of 3 bangers:

-Events, rare tier
-temporary depth for wars

If you aren’t competing in events, 3’s lose a lot of usefulness. Red and blue teams are currently the best to have powerhouses in, but I’ve seen exceptions.

3* tourneys don’t come around as much as the higher levels, so usefulness here is also not huge.

Everyone has their preferences, but here’s what I’ve done:
-multiple copies of healers (Hawkmoon, Belith), snipers (Bane, Berden, Valen) and just recently hit 3’s and all’s for those rare 3* very fast tourneys (Karil, Isshtak, Ulmer, Jahangir)

I never use: Dawa, Oberon, Prisca, Graymane
I very rarely use the rest of the S1 threes. Your mileage may vary.


Thanks for the post. I see you havent mentioned any new 3 stars though say s4 s3 or maybe s2.
Looks like just s1 3stars u have mentioned.

This may help with detail of some of the best 3*


To add more space, there is a way to do it. Go under rescources, and go to hero slots. This will increase your slot amount by 5. The first 5 you buy is 50 gems each, and after every 5 purchases the cost goes up by 50 gems

It’s listed as Hero Cap Increase


Thanks very much. this reminded me of a line group I’m in that offers this. But I just tried it and it doesn’t show near as a comprehensive list like your list does.
Do you mind me asking where u got this screenshot from?

thanks. i’ve 200+ spaces already so i’ve made use of this a number of times before :slight_smile:

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It’s from a LINE group that I am in. Someone got it from an alliance member

Depends on how much you’re pulling and how advanced your camps are. I’ve had very chaotic roster and decided to do some big cleaning which helped me a lot.

I got rid of all duplicates s1/2/3/4 apart from Wilbur and Proteus since I do not pull much anymore in s2 - for the rest, if I need another copy of the hero I will get it eventually in summons. I also got rid of some s1 3* I will never use and they are easily obtainable. Only dupes I am collecting are hotms and event heroes, though also I’m limiting myself to two in most of cases, or even single copy if hero is so-so (e.g. Guardian Bat).

Again, it depends on how many summons you are doing… if plenty, no need to keep them all in limited roster. If little, analyse your heroes, there maybe some that you are not using or won’t use at all. Sooner or later, you will have to use gems since heroes count only goes up with every month…


^ great advice here!

I’ve recently fed away even some 3* and even some 4* seasonal and event hero dupes, whom I realized I didn’t use very much. Even though I do try to complete all content in the game, including Ninja Tower and all challenge event tiers.

Jack O’Hare for example. I love my first one, I still use him a bit, but not as much as I used to. So I fed away the dupe to save space, as I still have my first one. Ditto Valeria. I have enough other heroes that I can still finish Ninja Tower comfortably, as I keep at least one of every unique hero.

I kept 2x Pixie and fed away a 3rd, also - even if I run mono, I will only need two (even against triple bosses).

Having extra roster space feels VERY liberating :slight_smile:


Thanks. i shall be using that pic for a reference. thanks very very much. I think if I need an update on 3 stars I might post in forum to ask again

I think you misunderstand the point of this. SG wants to monetize on storage- no matter what you do, if you play the game as intended, you will need to keep growing your roster storage :slight_smile:

The cost of increasing storage btw is far less than the cost of the hero duplicates you’re disposing of.

It is a bit like Google drive. Sure, you could delete your important files or you could just spend a couple bucks and have more storage…

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