Hero roster expansion

Has anybody out there dpent the 50 gems to expand their rostet? If so, how many more spots do you get?

Five new slots per expansion.
After every 5 expansions, the price for more goes up by 50 gems.

ThanksThanksThanks. Figure I’d make the 20 characters somehow.

I’ve bought the 50 gem version 5x, and spend 100 gems twice. All told this has increased my hero roster by 30, on top of what I’ve earned via leveling up on its own. I now have a roster size of 100 heroes at Player Level 26. It’s just enough to feel comfortable with my 30-Hero War Squad and still be able to level stuff by 8’s and 10’s while keeping to same-color leveling principles.

Honestly, I believe that those first five (50-gem) roster expansions are a must-have for every new player.

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After playing for 20 months, i have 168 “favorite” heroes with 192 hero slots. My expansion cost is up to 250 gems.


Got about 120 places and 11 teams. A team now costs 450 gems, but to have several teams for titans, diff col tanks and war makes the game very handy.


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