Hero roster doesn't remember the position anymore

When I level one hero, and scroll all the way down to the feeders (sorted by power), after I’m done with that hero, for next one - I have to scroll again all the way down. I’ve tested with sorting with different criteria, again, the same unwanted behaviour. Earlier it was all good, position remembered.

This one also started few days ago, this week. Around the update, but I’m not sure if before or after.

Please, fix this asap :smiley:
Or put that all favourites are just ignored and not shown when levelling, I mean - we can’t chose them anyway, so, no need to show them.

Android oreo, sony xperia xa1

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That’s a big big bug!!! Anoying…

I came to say the same

Petri has already addressed this glitch; it will be fixed on the next update. :slight_smile:


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