Hero roster does not update the order of a hero after the hero learns a new talent

Since the last update (to version 29.0.1 build 1270) I experience what I consider to be a bug in hero roster sorting.

Steps to reproduce (for Jahangir, I suppose you can substitue any hero with access to the Talent Grid button, though in all cases I encountered the problem the heroes in question were 3-star):

  1. Start with the Hero Roster screen (sorted by power) - see Jahangir, second row, the rightmost one, power 445. Tap on Jahangir’s tile.
  2. On Jahangir card, tap the Talent Grid button.
  3. Tap on the topmost talent tile.
  4. On the pop-up, tap the Learn button.
  5. Tap “x” at the top right.
  6. On the Jahangir’s card, see his new power: 450. Hit “x” at the top right of Jahangir’s card.
  7. Now, Jahangir is still after Dawa although his power is 450 now which is greater than Dawa’s 445.

Now if I change the sorting, say to sorting by name, and then return to sorting by power, Jahangir is still at the same wrong place.

Then, when I stop the app, start it up again and go to Hero Roster, ordering is ok:

No problems of this kind occur when I level up or ascend heroes.

Thank You for checking it up.

I think what anyone can/will tell you to do to help report this is provide screenshots and/or a video of what you’re doing exactly.

Thanks for the suggestion, I completely reworked the description and added screenshots. Hope it is clear now.

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