Hero reviving change

Seems ridiculous that when a hero is killed, they get to keep whatever lvl of charge they had for their special if they get revived.

If they are killed, they should have to restart from zero and build it back up.

Then the revive would be worthless.


Not always, if there is a healer left on the team.
I do think mana should at least decrease by XX% (maybe 15%) each time it dies.
It is;t too bad on someone slow especially if the mana is below 50%. I had Elena just revive 5 times in war, thankfully she didn’t keep doing it until she shot her special, otherwise, I would ave been dead haha

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That makes more sense. Them reviving at :100: mana is bs. There should be some penalty, for you know, dying… :joy:

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I agree with @Rduke77. Revive, either as a talent or hero skills or as a result of the skills of Mother North, Alberich and/or Heimdall, should retain whatever their status prior to death. Having a penalty of reducing the mana of the revived hero would be alright if the revive is 100% assured. The thing is, the resurrection is not a guarantee.


or if the hero revives with 75-100% health, imo.

I think the first time they revive they should keep 100% of their mana. For each subsequent revive they lose 20% of it, or something similar


I like that idea a lot. However, I don’t think they should retain 100% mana and be able to fire instantly. I think 90-95% on the first revival and a 10% decrease for each subsequent one would be fair. Considering I have had boldtusk with his ridiculous 30% revival rate come back to life 4 times in a row :joy:


Yeah, the mana left should be inversely proportional to the level of frustration you feel to seeing that hero revivew for the xth time :smiley:

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Well, I can’t recall a hero reviving with 75% health. But if future heroes do this, then I may agree for the mana penalty of those revived heroes.

Well, I for one really don’t see the mana penalty for reviving since the revive or resurrection is not 100%. But if you guys want to reduce that, make a vote out of it. So far, none has voted yet. :face_with_monocle:

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I was agreeing with you. There should NOT be a penalty. But if they institute one or even add it to the next reviver’s skill description, the % chance revive would have to increase OR the health of the revived hero would have to. I hope that makes sense.

Also, hero revivers are slow mana speed. sometimes they don’t even get to go off, so again, I see no point in the penalty.


I like the way it is. Don’t change anything. That just the way how good revive talent is period.

If u feel facked up by ur opponent revive talent, so does ur opponent will feel the same when they raiding ur defense with ur revived talent heroes.

Equal on both side, and a lil bit randomness


I think this is almost always the case, but… it’s important to keep in mind that they also revive with any negative ailments as well. I’ve seen heroes get revived only to be killed again by poison they had before dying, or have them weakened by a debuff they had before dying.
So it’s balanced that way.

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