Hero resurrected by Albericht not counted as a kill

Don’t know if this was intentional but just noticed. In a raid against a team with Albericht a hero I had already killed respawned after his special. I killed it a second time and won the raid so technically six kills right? Only got credit for five. Seems it should have counted a six.

Nope, only get credit for killing him pnce. Although I wpuld be interested to know if you killa hero, said hero is resurrected, and you did while he is alive, do you get credit or not? I would assume not.

Assume you got credit for killing heroes multiple times. You could complete a wanted chest in 1 fight. That would be game changing.


Needing 2 kills I’ve actually fleed a raid with Alberich if I was going to lose anyways to ensure I keep the two kills for the raid chest.

You get credits for kills even if you lose, no reason to flee

…but might not get credits for the kills if they’re resurrected, then he loses.

Hmmm, wonder is some with alby could test this in beta

I needed 1 kill for my chest the other day.
Easy… one would think so i went up against a way stronger team.
Killed the center-hero , so job done.
NOT! Albi ressurected the ‘killed’ hero and after that i got epicly defeated.
Exit the raid screen… and NO KILL for my chest.

It doesn’t make sense. Even in real life, when you die you die! Paramedics can bring you back to life (sometimes ofcourse) -> but they still tell you you’ve been (technicaly) dead for X mins or so.
For this game it should be the same OR the description if the chest is too ambigious with albi around.
All in all, no big deal.
Lesson learned: if you need 1 kill, kill 1 and flee.


So the kills are always counted at the end of the battle. Makes it simpler from a programming standpoint.


:+1: And it makes it impossible to fill a chest with only 1 flag. Which would be a major exploit.

Thanks for the confirmation on this

I would suggest one of those “limitation” to make raids vs Albberrich more tollerable:

  • a limit to the number of resurrection to heroes at only once
  • that the addictional bonus of regenerate life and mana are not applicated to the resurrected heroes
  • that if I kill an opponent hero, I can have the kill (only once, not more) even if he is resuscitates by Alberrich; obviously, if I kill again the hero, I don’t pretend to receive a second kill.

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