Hero Restart

Similar to the Reset Emblem item, it would be epic if there were an option and/or item that allowed you to regress a leveled up hero back down to 1-1 AND regain the used essential ascension items:

(Compass, Fine Gloves, Hidden Blade, Warm Cape, Sturdy Shield, Orb of Magic, Trap Tools, Damascus Blade, Tome of Tactics, Mystic Rings, Farsight Telescope, Mysterious Tonic, Poison Darts, Royal Tabard)

We have all invested in heroes that we no longer use, either because we replaced them with better ones and/or grew to regret ascending certain heroes.

It would be great to be able to reinvest those used items into new heroes.

Please E&P? I’m sure it would be a nice sell, charge card at the ready! :wink:

Here, 230 people already support such idea:

Feel free to lobby in :wink:


Thank you! “The ‘Search’ feature is our friend” :rofl: I’ll go chime-in over there and lend a vote :+1:t2:

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@Noisy @Suicide_Bunny

This is my favourite thread today.

You both get a Bardic medal :1st_place_medal:

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