Hero Reset


Could SG please concider an option for resetting a hero back one Tier.

Many throughout the game made mistakes in maybe spending their mats on the wrong hero.

I will take myself as an example. I have a maxxed Horghall.

My Zeline, Evelyn etc is standing still as my other greens are already Tier 4.

If we are able to just drop a hero back one tier and in return ONLY receive back the 4*/3*/2* mats it would be a great add to the game. Yes all the ham and heroes that were used to up to 4.80 can be kept as payment penalty.

Its just sad when you did make a mistake early in the game and now sit with something fully leveled that you dont use or want to use.

You could even also recieve a reset token like the emblem one and it could also be rare as that one.

What the token does is drop a hero down only ONE tier and give back the materials that were used to get to that tier. The token will also return emblems spent on the hero and similar to the reset emblem token costs are similar.


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