Hero reset tokens

With the new ‘hero balancing’ imminent can I suggest a feature that will allow us to reset heroes and have their ascension materials returned to us? Similar to the reset tokens for emblems, I think a token that would allow us to reset heroes that are in their final tier, would soften the blow of all these recent ‘balancing of heroes’. A lot of us have specifically used materials on heroes that we no longer require due to these unexpected and frequent changes to certain heroes. Also as the game has rolled forward over the years, many season 1 heroes are no longer usable and I feel it would be a great gesture towards the community of we were able to reclaim the rare materials and ascension items used to ascend them. Just a suggestion.



Hello @SMOKE87, welcome to the forum. Just as a good habit, please make sure to use the “search” function before creating new topics. It helps our volunteer moderators to save time closing or merging topics. Please cast your vote in the already existing thread on this subject :slight_smile:

Closed as a duplicate thread. Please use the thread linked by the omniscient @ThePirateKing

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