Hero reset button

Hi there if you want to make this game fair then bring the hero rest button !! This is so important to fix faults with leveling and make stronger heroes !! Maybe player can make the new heroes cause acsending items are very very rare now!! It would change nothing for you just some player can switch heroes !!! I wait since three month to max telluria and everyone have her !!

Second idea :bulb: bring a rare chest after 10-20 elementary chest !! This one guaranteed one 4* acsending item !! It is always the same with elementary chests they gave you acsending items that you can farm !! Is not fair !! If you not lucky like other players

A post was merged into an existing topic: “Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

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