Hero Request - Halloween 2022

Bump! I hope the developers see this before Halloween. V51 is probably already under development. :ghost:


No chance. Rather expect costume for Vlad, Valeria and Jack.

I’d like those too but Halloween needs new life! Most people won’t summon for a Vlad, Jack or Valeria costume alone. There needs to be a 5* addition like Mr. Pengi at Christmas.

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Think Morlovia 2022 will have a new 5*. Like Xmas in 2021.

Would be fun to have a Mummy or a Van Helsing.

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A van Helsing would be great.

Any words on the Halloween 2022 event yet? Beta players?

No news yet from beta. We have not been given anything yet

I’d like to see a proper ghost with a proper ghost effect or a headless horseman with Grimble type specials

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Tbh, I think I once also wished they’d add a Scarecrow or Wraith with a scythe weapon into the Halloween Seasonal Event. If not as a Legendary hero, then as an Epic hero. Something that I’d be happy to pull.

Actually, especially the Wraith. I love the general aesthetic of a “Grim Reaper”/reaper being.

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A scarecrow, the wraith and some crows too. I’m sure we could get one or the other of them as a 5* another as a 4* and a 3*.
My wish would be to have both the wraith, and the scarecrow as 4*s


Crow as a 3* would be awesome.

• Reduce HP by 150
• 300% damage 1x

I hate those crow attacks during spring!


I think it is about time we have a crow, I mean we do have pandas and that froglike monster from Kalevala, and a bat and many others


Maybe next year Devs? :ghost:

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